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Publication Date: 13/09/2017 

Get tested and Know Your Risk 

Find out your risk of HIV, hep B and C and sexually transmitted infections 


(l-r) Mary Hood, Trish Tougher (front), Nathan Mwesigwa, Shirley Carr, Mildred Zimunya, Alison Buesnel, Chris Kimber and Dr Claire McGoldrick 

Lanarkshire residents are being encouraged to know the risks of HIV, hepatitis B and C and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
The message is part of a new national campaign entitled #KnowYourRisk which runs from 11-17 September 2017, which aims to raise awareness of the different ways that these infections can be passed on.
The campaign is to enable people to judge whether they have been at risk as once you #KnowYourRisk, you can do something about it.
Trish Tougher, NHS Lanarkshire Blood Borne Virus (BBV) networks manager, said: “This campaign is focused at anyone who may have taken risks in the near or distant past but has never been tested.
“Around 37,000 people in Scotland have hepatitis C with over 40 per cent unaware. Over 6,000 live with HIV, 13 per cent of who are unaware, and STIs continue to rise.
“Reducing the number of people who are undiagnosed will not only lead to better health outcomes for those concerned, but will also contribute to reducing new infections.
“There are also a range of effective treatments now available should someone test positive for an infection.
“Today in Scotland, a person living with HIV can live a long, healthy life, hepatitis C can be cured, and effective treatments are also available for a whole range of STIs.”
There are a wide range of testing options now available for people including sexual health clinics, GPs, community services and HIV home test kits.
A visit to the ‘Know Your Risk’ website will help you get information to find out the test that’s right for you.
To find out more about the campaign, visit www.KnowYourRisk.scot
Also look out for #KnowYourRisk