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Publication Date: 14/12/2016 

Banish your festive money worries 

Download the new Lanarkshire Money Worries phone app  


Gayle Robertson (left) and Carol Chamberlain with the Lanarkshire Money Worries phone app 

The festive season can bring a much needed break but for some this time of year can be one of financial difficulty.

Knowing who to turn to for advice can be part of the problem especially if you are in a crisis situation. 

That’s why NHS Lanarkshire has developed a free integrated app for mobile phones designed to help Lanarkshire residents affected by benefit changes or financial issues to navigate and find services or welfare advice that can help when they most need it.

The app, Lanarkshire Money Worries, has been created and designed by professionals who support people affected by financial difficulties.

The user friendly design and concise content is split into four colour-coded sections: ‘Housing & Bills’, ‘Money’, ‘Work’ as well as a ‘Help Now’ section for times of financial emergency. 

(l-r) Mandy McRorie, North Lanarkshire Council welfare rights officer; Kay Macintosh, South Lanarkshire Council’s tackling poverty team manager; Gabe Docherty, NHS Lanarkshire health promotion manager; Gayle Robertson from NHS Lanarkshire’s health promotion team; and Carol Chamberlain.

Carol Chamberlain, NHS Lanarkshire senior health promotion officer in health inequalities, explained: “In the present landscape where we are attempting to tackle inequalities, the aim of this app is to raise awareness of this matter and provide local action on money problems faced by patients, staff and local communities.

“All users need to do is click on the section that is most relevant to them and find additional subsections where they can obtain valuable information and phone numbers that can range from energy saving advice, debt, health problems or disabilities at work, to more urgent help for emotional distress, social work and emergency health care.

“We like to think this handy app will signpost most Lanarkshire residents who need some financial advice, to the most appropriate place to get help for whatever situation they face.”

Health, council and social care staff in supportive roles are also encouraged to download and keep the app so they can easily signpost their service users who may be looking for advice or help.

As well as NHS Lanarkshire, other partners involved in the design of the app were both North and South Lanarkshire Councils and North and South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnerships.

To download ‘Lanarkshire Worries’ visit: https://m.downloadatoz.com/lanarkshire-money-worries/com.mtcmobile.nhslanarkshire/

Calls to services on 0800 and 0808 numbers are free from landlines.