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Press Office  


For all media enquiries and Freedom of Information requests, contact the NHS Lanarkshire Communications Department. Outwith office hours, contact the Monklands Hospital switchboard on 01236 748 748 and ask for the on call press officer.

Acute hospital enquiries

Marysia Waters
Divisional Communications Manager
Tel: 01698 858105
Email: marysia.waters@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Craig McKay 
Communications Officer
Tel: 01698 858112
Email: craig.mckay@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk 

Bob Smyth
Communications Officer
Tel: 01698 858108
Email: bob.smyth@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Community Health

Calvin Brown
Divisional Communications Manager
Tel: 01698 858106
Email: calvin.brown@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Eddie Docherty
Communications Officer
Tel: 01698 858107
Email: eddie.docherty@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Freedom of Information requests

Linda Brownlie
Freedom of Information Officer
Tel: 01698 858110
Email: linda.brownlie@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Other press office contacts

Karon Hamilton
Head of Communications
Tel: 01698 858104
Email: karon.hamilton@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Fiona O'Dowd
Communications Officer
Tel: 01698 858108
Email: fiona.o'dowd@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk

Link to Freedom of Information request form