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Dental Services 

Dental care, prevention and treatment delivered by the Public Dental Service

The Lanarkshire wide referral based Public Dental Service (PDS) provides care for a variety of patients with special care needs including the groups who would have difficulties accessing ordinary “high street” dental services. For example, the PDS can treat:

  • Anxious children referred for treatment including those referred for inhalation sedation
  • Adult special care patients
  • Patients on a domiciliary basis care including care for patients in Care Homes
  • Patients requiring end of life dental care
  • Children and special care adults requiring a general anaesthetic for their dental treatment
  • Hospital in-patients requiring dental care.  This includes patients in Acute Hospitals, the Primary Care Hospitals and the State Hospital at Carstairs.
  • Patients who need dental treatment before their Secondary Care consultant-led medical treatment plan can proceed e.g. radiotherapy for head and neck cancer, patients due to undergo major heart surgery, patients requiring bisphosphonate therapy, etc.
  • Prisoners in HMP Shotts

The PDS complements but does not duplicate services that the Health Board is already funding through independent contractor General Dental Services (GDS) for adults and children.

The PDS also provides dental services not generally available in the GDS e.g. treatment under general anaesthetic for children and special care adults. The PDS no longer has a remit to provide routine dental care to children.

The PDS also delivers a wide variety of preventive programmes for children and adults. The main preventive programme for children is Childsmile. Childsmile involves teams of dental care professionals and dental health support workers working across Lanarkshire to deliver primary preventive care and treatment and encourage registration with a local dental practice from birth. 

In addition the PDS delivers a well developed programme of preventive advice and treatment to residents and supports the training of staff working in care homes. Oral health improvement activities are also delivered to dependent older people and people with special care needs.

The PDS also has a public health function and collects data on the dental health of all primary 1 and primary 7 school children as part of the National Dental Inspection Programme.

The PDS supports the training of all groups and grades of staff including training at under graduate level.

In summary the PDS complements the care provided by general dental practitioners in Lanarkshire.

Patients can be referred to the PDS by general dental practitioners, general medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals. Patients are seen by appointment, Monday to Friday.

For more information about the PDS please contact:

Dental Office
Glendoe Building
Coathill Hospital
Hospital Street

Telephone: 01236 707711

Childsmile Programme delivered by the Public Dental Service

Childsmile is a national programme in Scotland designed to improve children’s oral health and reduce oral health inequalities. The programme consists of three main elements:

Childsmile Practice

Childsmile Practice - targets children from birth and promotes oral health improvement and prevention of tooth decay through primary care dental services and local community dental settings.

Every child in NHS Lanarkshire, born on or after 1 January 2005, can access Childsmile.

The dental team will provide advice and support on keeping your child’s teeth healthy and, as your child gets older, additional preventive care such as fluoride varnish.

Childsmile Core Programme

Childsmile Core Programme – involves the free distribution of oral health packs to every child in Scotland on at least six occasions during their first five years of life and free daily supervised toothbrushing to every three and four-year-old attending nursery.

Free daily supervised toothbrushing is also offered to children in schools within high priority areas.

The Nursery and Primary School Toothbrushing programme aims to:

  • Deliver fluoride toothpaste to the enamel surface of the teeth to prevent tooth decay.
  • Establish good habits from an early age.
  • Teach children toothbrushing as a life time skill.

Childsmile Nursery and School

Childsmile Nursery and School -  targets children who may benefit from additional preventive care. 

This additional care will take the form of twice yearly application of fluoride varnish to the teeth of children attending nursery and primary schools within high priority areas. 

For more information on Childsmile visit the Childsmile website or contact Gillian Shaw, Childsmile Co-ordinator on 01236 772035 or email Gillian.Shaw@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk