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Child Protection 

NHS Lanarkshire is committed to continually improving its child protection arrangements to promote and protect the welfare of children in Lanarkshire.

Child protection is of paramount importance to NHS Lanarkshire and in order to get it right for every child in Lanarkshire we work collaboratively with key partners including: 

The NHS Lanarkshire Child Protection Team is led by the Nurse Consultant for Child and Adult Protection and Vulnerable Families. The team also has:

  • Child Protection Advisors,
  • Looked After Children’s Nurses,
  • administrative personnel,
  • named link nurses based in our hospitals and maternity unit
  • and Child Protection Paediatricians.

The Nurse Consultant, advisors and administrative staff are based in Hamilton along with key personnel from both North and South Lanarkshire’s Child Protection Committees. NHS Lanarkshire is also a member of these committees.

The team also provides support and advice to all NHS Lanarkshire staff which includes various levels of Child Protection training.


If you are worried about potential child abuse or neglect, you can speak to a health visitor, nursery staff, teacher, family doctor, social worker, police officer or Children's Reporter.

Children and young people can contact Childline on 0800 1111 for free, 24-hour advice.

The HandsOnScotland website is an online resource for anybody working with children and young people.

The WithScotland website offers help and support to vulnerable children and families on child protection issues.