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Kello Hospital 


Kello Hospital provides care for acute medical patients, rehabilitation and terminal care.
Kello Hospital
Johns Loan
ML12 6AF
Telephone: 01899 220 077
The hospital is situated approximately halfway through the town of Biggar and is signposted on the main street.

  • Medical input to Kello Hospital is provided by the general practitioners (GPs) based in Biggar Health Centre.
  • Treatment room facilities are available at designated times, although individual arrangements can be made.
  • The hospital also provides a minor accident and emergency service.

NHS Lanarkshire will seek to provide you with high quality health services. You should therefore expect:

  • To be treated as an individual with courtesy and respect for your cultural and spiritual needs
  • To have the right of support from a relative, friend, patient advocate or any other individual
  • To be introduced to everyone providing your care, who will be identified by name, photograph and job title
  • To have a named nurse or key worker responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of your care
  • To be involved in the planning, evaluation and review of your care and offered informed choices wherever possible
  • To be guaranteed confidentiality of information relating to your care, in keeping with the Code of Practice ‘Confidentiality of Personal Health Information’
  • To be invited to comment on our services to help us make improvements to existing and future services

Information for Patients and Carers

What to Bring With You

On admission to hospital patients should have with them sufficient day and night clothing, footwear and toiletries to meet their personal requirements.

Clothing, spectacles, walking sticks and other similar articles should be clearly marked by relatives with the name of the patient.

It is essential for the hospital records that the name, address and telephone number of the patient’s next-of-kin is available to ward staff on admission. Any changes in this respect should be notified to the ward staff immediately.

Valuables - Loss, Damage, Theft


You should avoid bringing valuables into hospital. Where you do have valuables they can be deposited with ward staff, who will give you a receipt. Should you lose any item while in hospital, please inform the nurse in charge of the ward immediately. A full investigation will then be carried out.

Please note that the hospital will not be held responsible for the loss, damage or theft of property held by patients.

Visiting Arrangements

Kello Hospital operates open visiting times from 3pm – 8pm on a daily basis. If at all possible, please avoid visiting during our protected meal time of 5pm to 6pm.

Car Parking We would ask that all visitors park in designated areas only as emergency services may require access.

Patient Meal Times
  • Breakfast - 8 am
  • Lunch - 12:15pm
  • Supper - 5 pm

As diet can be part of medical treatment, please check with nursing staff before leaving food with patients.
Catering providers within NHS Lanarkshire provide a choice of healthy well prepared food to all people in our care. It is recognised however that visitors will occasionally bring food into our premises for patient consumption. The following guidelines are aimed at ensuring this is done in a safe manner.

All packaging must be intact with “use by” and “best by” dates being strictly observed.

Foods suitable for bringing into hospital:
  • Pre-wrapped biscuits and cakes
  • Fresh fruit and fruit products
  • Pre-wrapped chocolates and sweets
  • Packets of crisps
  • Bottled or canned drinks
  • Pancakes, scones, fruitcakes etc providing the food is prepared in a safe and hygienic environment
    Foods not suitable for bringing into hospital:

    These high risk foods support the growth of bacteria and can cause food poisoning.

  • Cooked meat and poultry
  • Cooked meat products including gravy and stock
  • Fresh or artificial cream products, custards, yoghurts and mousse
  • Cooked rice
  • Sandwiches and rolls
  • Shellfish, fish paste and fish products
  • Any other food items which require refrigeration or heating