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Hairmyres Hospital 

Visitor Information 

If telephoning to find out about a patient, please tell the operator the ward number or department. Each ward has a direct dial telephone number; please ask the ward staff for the ward or department direct dial telephone number. 
Hairmyres Hospital
Eaglesham Road
East Kilbride
G75 8RG
Tel: 01355 585 000
Fax: 01355 584 473

Only limited information is given to close relatives over the telephone. If further information is required, you will have to come to the hospital to see either the nursing staff or a doctor.

We would be grateful if calls were kept to a minimum and made only by the closest relative or on his/her behalf.

Postal arrangements

Letters and cards are taken to each ward as soon as possible after delivery. Please address all letters as follows:

Patient’s full name
Ward number
Hairmyres Hospital
Eaglesham Road
East Kilbride
G75 8RG

Car Parking

The main visitor car park faces the main entrance of the hospital. Disabled parking facilities are available.

We urge visitors to follow the road traffic signs and not to park in prohibited areas. Failure to comply with this request may restrict access to wards by hospital vehicles and ambulances.

Owners of vehicles may be prosecuted if they cause an obstruction or park in prohibited areas.


Check individual ward information for visiting times as visiting times vary throughout the hospital. There is also a helpdesk situated in the main entrance of the hospital. You can also check with the ward staff.

There may be times when it is not possible for you to visit or when you may be asked to keep your visit short. This is because it is important that patients do not get overtired and that their treatment is not disrupted. If you need to visit outwith normal visiting times, this can be discussed with the nurse in charge.

Please ask the nurse in charge of the ward whether children may visit and please keep children as quiet as possible while they are in the wards.


If you are unwell or have been ill recently with an infection, especially sickness and/or diarrhoea, please phone the nurse in charge for advice before visiting.

No Smoking

Since 1 August 2008, smoking has been banned in all NHS Lanarkshire grounds. It means people are no longer allowed to light-up anywhere inside NHS Lanarkshire premises or within its grounds – including areas around hospital, clinic and health centre entrances, and in vehicles parked on NHS premises.

The revised policy reinforces NHS Lanarkshire’s aim of promoting and protecting the health of both the public and NHS staff If you want to stop smoking, call our helpline on 08452 17 77 07. You can also text ‘Advice’ to 81066

Gifts to patients

Flowers are not allowed in Adult Critical Care or Coronary Care. Please check with nursing staff before leaving flowers, food, sweets, or soft drinks with patients. They may be on a restricted or special diet. Food for patients cannot be stored in the ward fridge or re-heated in the microwave.

Money and valuables

Please do not leave large amounts of money with patients, as staff cannot be responsible for money kept by patients.

Do not leave valuables with patients without notifying the nursing staff, for example watches, rings and so on. Similarly, such items should not be removed from patients without informing the nursing staff.


Any medicines the patient has been given before coming into hospital should be given to the nurse in charge so that they may be noted. Please do not leave medicines with the patient.

Legal Documents

It is necessary to check with medical staff before a patient signs any document. It is also helpful to advise the nurse in charge of any legal business.


The following are available in or around the main entrance of the hospital:

  • Toilets
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Telephones
  • Cash dispenser machine
  • Shop: Open Monday to Friday 7am to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 8pm. Restaurant and coffee bar: Open Monday to Sunday 8am to 7pm.
  • Restaurant:
    Monday to Friday - open 8am until 6pm      
    Hot breakfast 8am-11am, lunch 12pm-2pm and dinner 4pm-6pm with snack options available out with these times

    Saturday to Sunday - open 8am until 11.30am    
    Hot breakfast 8am-11am with snack options available from 11am-11.30am (the restaurant is meant to shut at 11am but we allow guests to obtain snacks while we get ready to close)
  • Coffee shop:
    Monday to Friday - open 8am until 8pm      
    Hot snacks and food available throughout the day

    Saturday to Sunday - open 12 Midday – 8pm
    Hot snacks and food available throughout the day
  •  (If consuming drinks outwith these areas, please ensure they are transported in appropriately sealed containers)

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are permitted in all our hospitals within designated areas. However, the needs of patients, visitors and members of staff must be recognised in terms of disturbance, privacy and dignity at all times

Phones should also not be used in areas with highly technical equipment such as intensive care and neonatal units. This is to minimise the risk of interference to medical devices in these areas. 

Please switch off your mobile phone where the signs tell you to do so. 

Guide/Hearing Dogs

Guide/hearing dogs are permitted within the hospital building.