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Standard Recruitment and Selection Process 


The selection process is a combination of elements that enable us to assess your overall suitability for vacant posts and can be broken down into the following stages.

Stage 1 - Application Form

The process starts with the completion of the application form. The purpose of the application form is to select the best person for the job. It is your opportunity to demonstrate your competence and to tell us how your values, qualifications, training, experience, skills and abilities fit our requirements. 

Please complete the form as fully as you can based on the essential and desirable criteria for the post, which can be found in the Job Description and summarised in the Person Specification. You need to be clear and explicit about your skills and experience as only the most suitable applicants will be selected for interview on the basis of the evidence you provide in your application.

Please refer to our Guide on how to complete an application form.

Please note that for Medical & Dental staff, application is in the form of a Curriculum Vitae.

Stage 2 - Short listing

Shortlisting is a process which uses the information you have provided to select the most suitable applicants to be invited for interview.

The information you provide in your application is the only information that the shortlisting panel shall use when deciding whether or not you will be called for interview. 

It is vital you include details and examples pertinent to the role accurately, honestly and fully as you must evidence that you meet the criteria, otherwise the panel cannot shortlist you. Always give examples against each of the essential and desirable criteria.

The way that we score is very simple and ensures that we are fair and consistent to all individuals.

Shortlisting initially looks to identify applicants who have demonstrated that they have met the minimum criteria in the person specification. Applications are then scrutinised to identify those who may also meet the desirable characteristics or have additional competencies or attributes.

Only the best applicants will be selected to attend for interview. For this reason it is essential that your application should demonstrate how your skills, competencies and attributes match what we need for the post. 

Stage 3 - Interview

This is the first opportunity that the interview panel will have to talk to you face to face. 

This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have the necessary values and competencies to undertake the role and work within NHS Lanarkshire.

Stage 4 – Role Specific Assessment

Depending on the type of role it may be appropriate that some form of assessment is undertaken e.g. a secretary may be required to undertake a typing test, an IT Technician may be required to undertake a practical exercise to resolve a fault or for managerial/leadership positions a presentation, written exercises and/or problem-based scenario may be required.

Stage 5 - Final Stages

After interview, the preferred candidate(s) will receive a provisional offer of employment subject to satisfactory pre employment checks as listed below. 

This part of the process normally takes between 4-6 weeks. 

Occupational Health

New entrants to NHS Lanarkshire are required to pass a pre employment medical screen. 

The right is reserved to require the successful candidate to undergo a medical examination and/or x-ray at any time if it is considered necessary.


Two references are required, one of which must be from your current/most recent line manager which includes details of performance, absence record, disciplinary record and suitability for the post.

Confirmation to work in the UK

All applicants must be eligible to work in the UK.

Criminal Record Check

Dependant on the nature of the post NHS Lanarkshire will undertake a criminal record check on the successful applicant(s). This could be at basic, standard level or a PVG for individuals undertaking regulated work.

Further information will be provided at the point of offering the post.

NHS Lanarkshire is responsible for the payment of fees associated with criminal record checks.

Should any of the above stages not be fully satisfied, the provisional offer of employment, which is subject to satisfactory pre-employment checks, may be deferred or even withdrawn, depending on the individual circumstances.