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Details of our latest performance in relation to wide range of areas including waiting times and healthcare associated infection can be found in our Board Papers www.nhslanarkshire.org.uk/boards/Pages/default.aspx.

There is also a wealth of information about how NHS Lanarkshire performs in comparison with other Boards on the NHS performs website www.nhsperforms.scot.

This includes information on:

  • A&E performance
  • Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios (HSMR)
  • Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Rates
  • Delayed discharge
  • Waiting Time Guarantees
  • Cancelled Operations
  • Staff numbers

Waiting Time Guarantees – How long will I wait for my appointment?

There are a number of national waiting time standards, set by the Scottish Government, to help ensure patients across Scotland are seen and treated quickly.

This includes a standard to ensure the majority (90%) of patients referred by their GP for an outpatient appointment, inpatient or day case procedure are seen within 18 weeks.  This is known as the 18 week Referral to Treatment Target or 18 week RTT.

If you see a specialist at an outpatient clinic and require further inpatient or day case treatment then you should wait no longer than 12 weeks for your treatment to start from the date your treatment plan was agreed. This is known as the 12 week Treatment Time Guarantee or 12 week TTG.

You should also wait no longer than six weeks to undergo a number of key scans and tests such as endoscopies, colonoscopies, CT and MRI scans.

There are also specific standards for cancer treatment to help ensure patients are seen and treated as soon as possible. Patients who have an urgent GP referral for a suspected cancer should start their treatment within 62 days. Once a definite diagnosis of cancer is made patients should wait no longer than 31 days for their treatment to start.

When will I be seen?

The vast majority of patients in Lanarkshire will be seen within these waiting time guarantees. However there are occasions where due to pressures within a specialty or service, or due to rising demand that some patients may experience longer waits.

We continually monitor our waiting times performance so we can address issues as quickly as possible when they arise.

Let us know if you can’t make it to an appointment.

You can help ensure services run as smoothly as possible by letting us know if you can’t make an appointment. There will always be a contact number on your appointment letter which you should call if you cannot attend. This will allow us to rearrange an appointment for you and offer your original appointment to another patient.

You can find out more about waiting time guarantees in our Patient Access Policy.

You can also visit NHS Inform for more information about waiting time guarantees and your rights and responsibilities.

And for more information on the Patients’ Rights Act please visit the Scottish Government website.

A&E performance

The current target for A&E is that 95% of all patients should be seen and either treated, discharged or admitted to hospital within four hours of attending an A&E department.

Performance against this target is published every week on the NHS Performs website.