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A Healthier Future 


Scottish Government’s vision for health

The Scottish Government published its 2020 Vision in September 2011. This set out the actions required to achieve sustainable quality in Scotland’s Healthcare system.
This strategic narrative, which was set out by the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy, provided the context for taking forward the implementation of the NHSScotland Quality Strategy, published in May 2010, and the actions required to improve efficiency and achieve financial sustainability.

NHS Lanarkshire’s strategic health planning framework

NHS Lanarkshire has developed this framework to support future strategic health planning and to gain a shared understanding of the actions required to achieve the Scottish Government’s 2020 Vision.

We have identified four strategic aims to achieve this vision, which are set in the context of delivering a healthier future for all from cradle to grave.

Of equal importance is the need to establish a quality driven organisation that delivers these aims. This will enable the quality ambitions of providing healthcare that is person centred, safe and effective to be embedded throughout the organisation from decision making, planning and policy processes, as well as in our day to day behaviours. 

Details on how we will achieve a quality driven organisation are set out in Section 2 of the A Healther Future 2012-2020 document.
The four strategic aims and three quality ambitions, along with the need for improved efficiency and financial sustainability, will be used to test any future service developments or changes in the services provided by NHS Lanarkshire.