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Finance Reports 


The Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 requires that NHS Lanarkshire publishes, as soon as is reasonably practicable after the end of the financial year, a statement of any expenditure incurred during the financial year on or in connection with:

  • public relations;
  • overseas travel;
  • hospitality and entertainment;
  • external consultancy;
  • payments with a value in excess of £25,000 (not including remuneration); and
  • the number of members or employees (if any) who received remuneration in excess of £150,000.

In addition to this annual requirement NHS Lanarkshire is undertaking to publish details of payments with a value in excess of £25,000 (not including remuneration). These will appear on this page on a monthly basis.

Annual Accounts

Annual Disclosures

Payments over £25,000







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