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Corporate Objectives 



  1. To ensure that all resources are deployed to best effect, achieving transformational change in desired outcomes and value for money.
  2. To ensure that Acute Services and North and South Lanarkshire H&SCPs give sufficient focus to health inequalities, prevention, self-care, home support and care to reduce reliance on hospitals and to support the desired shift in the balance of care.
  3. To deliver services that listen and respond to the needs of individuals, patients and carers to continuously improve experiences and outcomes.
  4. To deliver high quality services that are person-centred, safe, effective and sustainable.
  5. To promote excellence using the influence of NHS Lanarkshire’s organisational values and behaviours to support more effective partnership working with all of our stakeholders and our ambitions as an employer of choice.


The NHS Lanarkshire values of Fairness, Respect, Working Together and Quality underpin our purpose, providing local focus and context for the improvement of our services and guiding our individual and team behaviours.


Ensuring clear and considerate decision making at all levels 

  • As a team, we are responsible for being consistent and open in making decisions
  • As an individual I am responsible for participating in decisions and seeking clarity whenever I am unsure


Valuing every individual and their contribution 

  • As a team, we are responsible for being courteous and professional in fulfilling our individual and collective roles
  • As an individual, I am responsible for recognising that we are all different and appreciating the contribution that I and others make


Setting and maintaining standards in everything we do 

  • As a team, we are responsible for upholding our high standards in every activity, for every person, everywhere
  • As an individual, I am responsible for ensuring I understand and deliver our standards every time

Working Together

Thinking, growing, delivering as a team 

  • As a team, we are responsible for creating and sustaining an environment that allows team working and collaboration to flourish
  • As an individual, I am responsible for communicating effectively and working well with others at all times