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The Strategic Commissioning Plan  


South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership: The Strategic Commissioning Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

What does integration mean? What’s the principal aim?

Integration means that the expertise and resources of health and social care are combined, shared, co-ordinated and planned jointly with other key partners including unpaid carers, the third and the independent sectors. The integration process will support people in South Lanarkshire to improve their own health and wellbeing as well as improving the quality and consistency of health and social care. This includes advice, support and services, especially for people with long term conditions and disabilities, many of whom are older people.

What is The Strategic Commissioning Plan and why does it matter?

The Strategic Commissioning Plan is at the heart of integration and will set out how health and social care services will be delivered in a more integrated way to improve the quality of support for people who need them. Crucially, the  plan sets out how services will be delivered in local areas against priorities identified. 

How have local priorities been identified?

South Lanarkshire Health & Social Care Partnership have endeavoured to let those at the heart of communities have their say in shaping and influencing the plan.  Accordingly, the H&SCP have set out a clear vision: Working together to improve health and wellbeing in the community - with the community.

We have carried out a Strategic Needs Assessment, identifying health and social care needs in each of South Lanarkshire’s four localities in fine detail. Crucially, this data has been tested against local knowledge. To date, we have provided a number of opportunities for this to take place, like locality seminars and representation on planning groups.
For more information on the integration journey and how engagement has been a major feature, visit: http://www.nhslanarkshire.org.uk/About/HSCP/recent-news/Documents/News-Bulletin-South-Issue-2.pdf

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